Privacy Policy

Concerned about the type of personal information that we might collect during the course of your stay on our page? Are you wondering, how we collect the information and how we utilize the extruded data? If so, you will get all the relevant answers to your questions on this section of our website. We have a reputation for operating with utmost clarity and transparency and we will try to answer all of your probable questions in this regard, in the best possible manner.  Unless defined in some other manner in this section, the terms used in the Privacy Policy statement, carries the same meaning as in the Terms & Conditions page on our website.

What all information we collect and how we do it?

In order to give you the best experience, enjoying our products and services, we are likely to request you to share certain information. The points in this regard may include, but, never restricts to the details like your Full Name, your telephone number and/or your email address. We are likely to  collect your postal address as well. The purpose of tracking this information is to establish a smooth contact with you, and keeping you informed about the latest events and instances happening at our end. All the information extruded will be solely used to develop more relevant products and services that you will appreciate the most.

We collect the personal information from the Log Data and by employing Cookies. As for the Log data, it includes facts like the IP address of your computer, version of your web browser, as well as your surfing history on our page. We basically this information from your web browser.

As for the Cookies, these are tiny files of data that you receive from the sites you visit. As for us, you have the choice to accept the cookies or not. Users not agreed to receive our Cookies, likely to experience some issues with the display of some of our pages. We always notify you, once the cookies are shoot to you.

Engagement of 3rd parties

We hire 3rd party service partner from time to time to facilitate our products and services, as well as to extend some services on our behalf. Alternatively, these service partners are engaged to perform some of the activities on our behalf, or to research, how users are using our services. However, our authorized service partners will never utilize any personal information for purposes, other than what we engage them to perform. 

3rd Party website links

Though, you will find such links on our page, we never hold any command on the functions and processes of such sites. As such, we will advise, you read out the privacy  policies on those sites, before you get into any transactions there.

We handle your data and information in the best possible manner, and we never share with any unsolicited parties. Our privacy policies are  subjected to change timely, and we will keep you informed about such changes, the moment we revise it.