Cash cards

By | October 20, 2017

cash card can be any card that you can insert into an ATM or other cash dispenser, or a pre-paid credit card, or a card with a preset cash value from a particular store (Costco or Subway), which is read by a cash card reader and used to pay for products or services at that retailer.


Two way texting is a service that lets you to text pre-defined commands to a short code and get real-time information on balance, card account information and card activity.
Must note, that normally payroll cards are more cost-effective for cardholders than other payment methods and cardholders can get huge cost savings when switching to a paycard.

How about mobile access? Perfect for those on the go, some cash cards provide solutions for accessing your card account online. Cardholders can check card balances, transfer funds, pay bills, find ATMs, and loads more.

Read about cash passport. Significantly different.



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